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N-Methyl pyrrolidone

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N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) is one of the important materials for lithium ion battery production.Good chemical stability and thermal stability;It has the characteristics of high polarity, low volatility and low toxicity.In the process of lithium-ion battery production, NMP as a kind of good selectivity and solubility of organic solvent, is mainly used to dissolve the anode PVDF binder, and active substances, such as conductive agent blend made from suspension, then USES the coater will paste evenly coated on both sides of the aluminum foil, then seal negative pressure ventilation drying into the dryer.The exhaust gas in the dryer (the main component is NMP) is collected by spraying tower or molecular sieve and recycled by condensation.The treatment efficiency of NMP waste gas condensation recovery device is about 80~90%.The condensed NMP recovery liquid is purified by professional distillation and purification equipment, and the product meets the requirements of lithium battery production process before recycling.It not only reduces the disorganized emission of NMP exhaust gas and improves the clean production level of enterprises, but also realizes the recycling of NMP and achieves good economic and environmental benefits.

In December 2016, the state council issued the 13th five-year plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries, which clearly pointed out that the proportion of new energy vehicles and new energy should be significantly increased, and green, low-carbon industries such as new energy vehicles, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection should be promoted to become pillar industries.As the main power source of new energy vehicles, lithium battery market is expected to reach 450 billion yuan in 2020.

NMP is mainly used as a positive electrode material, binder and other materials (such as CNT) conductive agent to prepare lithium ion battery positive electrode mixture of excellent organic solvents.

At present, the global energy and environmental system is facing great challenges. As a large consumer of oil and carbon dioxide emissions, automobiles need to undergo revolutionary changes.A consensus has been reached on the development of new energy vehicles in the world.The United States, Japan and some European countries have made the vigorous development of electric vehicles an important part of the implementation of new energy strategies.China's development of new energy vehicles is necessary to meet the major challenges of energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as the leapfrog development of the automobile industry and the promotion of international competitiveness.China's new energy automobile industry has achieved rapid development in the past five years and is one of the representative industries of China's "three new" economy.In particular, the power battery industry ranks first in the world in terms of industrial scale, and some world-class companies with international competitiveness have emerged.

Driven by the rapid expansion of the new energy vehicle market, China's lithium battery industry chain has ushered in an explosive opportunity, and the n-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) market as the solvent material of lithium battery benefits deeply.According to the 2012-2020 energy conservation and new energy vehicle industry development plan, China's pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle production capacity will reach 2 million units and the cumulative production and sales volume will exceed 5 million units by 2020, according to securities institutions.According to the calculation of 30% pure electric vehicles (about 0.6 tons of NMP is used for lithium battery material of each vehicle on average), the annual demand for NMP is about 360 thousand tons.By this calculation, the total gap of NMP in China will exceed 200,000 tons by 2020.With the rapid development of lithium battery industry, China's electronic NMP market demand growth potential is huge.Sufficient and stable supply of NMP is one of the important conditions to ensure the sustainable and rapid development of lithium battery industry in China.In addition, the recycling of NMP will become the mainstream of lithium battery solvent material industry.In the application of lithium battery production line, NMP will evaporate after the coating is finished and exhaust to the outside world through the air box.In this regard, environmental protection regulations also require a certain concentration of organic emissions, which involves the problem of NMP recycling.The recycled NMP can be recycled after professional processing and purification.At present, the leading lithium battery manufacturers in China have installed NMP recovery system in almost all their production lines to achieve NMP recovery, purification and application.Through the recycling system, more than 80% of NMP can be recycled, greatly reducing the production cost of lithium battery.At the same time, this also meets the national environmental protection requirements.