Sen. James Lankford: “I call him Joe Biden. He has no title.”

On the latest episode of “The Water Cooler,” Oklahoma Senator James Lankford joins host David Brody to discuss whether it’s too premature to call Joe Biden “President-Elect.” Lankford said because all of the ballots haven’t been certified, “we don’t know yet who’s going to end up being the eventual winner on that.”

The senator also went into detail about what role the GSA plays in the election process and whether he thinks Biden should be receiving intel briefings.

“Joe Biden, for instance, has been receiving intel briefings for month at this point but those stopped as soon as the election occurred until we know who the actual winner is. I think we should continue doing the briefings the same as it was during the campaign time period because we’re still in the campaign,” said Lankford.

The ballot certification process is expected to be done by December 14, 2020.