Fragments of the submarine Titan were found, all members were dead and the cause of death was exposed

Rear Adm. John Mauger, commander of the U.S. Coast Guard’s First District, announced at a three-p.m. news conference this afternoon that the discovery of submarine debris matched by a “catastrophic implosion.”

Mogg made the remarks after being asked about the rescue prospects of the Titan crew. The implosion is believed to have led to the death of submarine passengers.

“The environment on the seafloor is extremely harsh, and these debris are consistent with the catastrophic implosion of the submarine,” Mog said. We will continue to work and search there. And with all the information we have, know the timeline. ”

A journalist once asked Mogg if there were any indications that if the timing or pace of rescue efforts had been different, it could have led to the rescue of passengers.

Mog said: “The wreck area coincides with the ship’s catastrophic implosion. During our search, we installed listening devices in the water and did not hear any signs of catastrophe. ”

The Coast Guard said search and rescue efforts would continue, but the outlook was uncertain due to the harsh environment. Mog said that despite the difficult environment, the search and salvage of the passengers’ bodies will continue.

Mog said search and rescue crews found “five different major debris” on the Titan submersible.

The front cone, located outside the pressure-resistant casing, was the first piece to be found, he said. They then found “a large debris area” with tail-end fragments of a pressure-resistant shell.

“This is the first indication that something catastrophic has occurred,” the official said.

Crews found a second, smaller debris area within the first debris field, where the other end of the pressure-resistant enclosure was located.

“We will continue to map the distribution of the wreckage, and we will do our best to map the place comprehensively,” he said.

In the next 24 hours, authorities will begin demobilizing medical personnel and nine vessels involved in the search for the Titan submersible.

Mog said remote operations on the seabed will continue for some time, but the timing is undecided. It was “too early” to discuss whether to launch an investigation, which he said would be a decision outside of the search he was responsible for.