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Apple faces fines in Brazil for no longer providing chargers

According to foreign media reports, due to Apple’s decision to remove the charger from the boxes of the iPhone 12 and previous phones , the company recently fined it in Sao Paulo, Brazil . In addition, the relevant department Procon-SP claimed that Apple was misleading users and failed to perform the maintenance contract. It is reported that Apple was fined 10,546,442.48 Brazilian reals.

According to reports, Procon-SP executive director Fernando Capez said that Apple needs to understand that Brazil has solid consumer protection laws and institutions, and it needs to respect these laws and systems.

The company was asked to explain why it decided to remove the charger from the iPhone’s box in October, but it seemed dissatisfied with the response that it was part of Apple’s environmental commitment. Although Samsung subsequently adopted this approach in the Galaxy S21 series, it also provided free chargers to pre-order users in order to please the relevant departments.

In addition, Apple has also been accused of misleading consumers in advertisements. The company claimed to be “waterproof” but was told that consumers were not entitled to repair services after they claimed that their devices were in contact with water. In addition, Procon-SP also mentioned complaints about problems that occurred after the iPhone system was updated and Apple was accused of disrespecting Brazilian law-refusing to repair products purchased from overseas within 30 days. Procon-SP also stated that Apple imposed unfair terms on customers in the contract.

Apple can appeal the ruling, and if it fails to reach an agreement, it may file a lawsuit in court.