Alibaba Cloud network disk test Alibaba Cloud network disk promises unlimited upload and download speed

Alibaba Cloud started its online test at 21:00 on March 21. It also downloaded the mobile client and logged in to the computer segment for testing today. Log in to the Aliyun disk website to scan the code to download the app and found that it could not be downloaded directly. At first, I suspected the problem of the QR code. Later, I downloaded the mobile app by analyzing the URL of the QR code.

 I use an Android phone, and the installed app prohibits screenshots at the startup login interface. The overall interface is refreshing and the design is simple and generous.

You can take a screenshot after logging in.


The mobile phone terminal of the network disk uses a mobile phone number + SMS verification code to log in. New registered users are given 100GB of storage space. Through software guidance tasks, they can obtain 600GB of storage capacity.


The PC terminal currently only supports WEB login. According to Alibaba Cloud’s official instructions, the PC terminal APP will take 4-5 months to launch.

Aliyundrive official website:

 Alibaba cloud disk download address: official website Android end scan code scan code can not download