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A few practical tips for boxing training

  1. Primary skills
    There are two important things about getting the perfect punch in a boxing fight (except boxing workout, of course), where you have very little time to think about it: 1. All punches have only one goal, and that is to knock out the opponent within reach.2. Not all punches are created equal. Some punches are designed to effectively knock down your opponent, while others are “vocal punches” that keep your opponent busy.

With each throw, be sure to find the best distance between you and your opponent, taking into account the power of the punch and the safety of the dodge.The closer our fists get to the target, the less power our fists have.Boxing power skills is the fastest speed, the displacement of the body strength — let the strength from the sole of the foot to the ground, through the calf, thigh, waist and hip, back, neck and shoulder, arm, step by step borrow force, and finally vent out in the fist.

So get all your muscles working as hard as you can to deliver the perfect punch.The upper body of the deltoid, trapezius, triceps brachii, forearm muscles, wrist tendons, the torsion of the middle abdomen and waist, and the lower body of the quadriceps, gastrocnemius, has a key role in punch accuracy and strength.

2. How to make a fist

The principle of forming a correct fist can be summed up in one word: alignment.In order to provide maximum strike force in a safe environment.

Four steps to check if your fist is clenched correctly: Hold out your hand in the initial handshake position, with your thumb pointing up.Reach your fingers toward the center of your palm, but keep your thumbs up.Make sure your fingertips are tucked into your palms.The thumb is close to the middle joint of the index finger

Next, rotate your fist 90 degrees with your thumb pointing down.Make a perfect line between your forearm and the end of your fist.You can check that your fist is stable by fully extending your arm.

This is a good way to protect your metacarpal bones and the delicate bones of your fingers.Also, the tightness of the fist reduces the stress caused by the stress of the punch.

3. Manage Outbreaks

As you know, the power of a punch is made up of body weight and acceleration. The power of a fast punch is greater than that of a slow punch, and body weight directly determines the level of the fight.

Typically, a “critical hit” has a longer acceleration range.In order to allow muscle strength, weight advantage and so on to match the fist, to achieve greater boxing power.The power of another punch that appears after the jab delivers a stronger blow.Bruce Lee was so fast in his punches, combined with the jab and the rapid displacement of his body, the second strike would do tons of damage.