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What is the parkaur ? Do you think it is the best cool sports ?

Parkour (Parkour is sometimes abbreviated to PK), is a popular global fashion of extreme sports, in the environment of everyday life (more than) for the city of sports venues, on its own fitness, fast, effective and reliable to control the movement of any known and unknown environment art, it is also a kind of exploration potential of human body and mind the limits of a philosophy. Parkour can not only strengthen the physique, make their own more agile, more rapid response ability.A professional parkour trainer can correctly control the danger and minimize it. When caught in fire, earthquake, attack, car accident, emergency and other dangers, his chance of escape will be more than 20 times higher than the average person.
Originally started by French soldiers during the Vietnam War, parkour became popular in the UK in 2002 and has since been popularised by David Belle in France.Banlieue13 is a French film about the street culture of Parkour, featuring David Belle, one of the founders of Le Parkour. Parkour is a deep-rooted instinctive reaction of human beings. This instinctive reaction is movement, which requires a true warrior spirit.At the end of the day, parkour is a natural way to train the human body to move quickly, using whatever is available in the environment around us to our advantage.The human body is the only tool for this sport, and for all people, this is the rule of the sport, because it combines all the natural abilities of the human body, such as running, jumping, climbing, etc. It is a physical activity that can develop your potential athletic ability.
Parkour is an extreme street running sport with ornamental city running, which has a little meaning of free-running. The difference between them lies in the fact that free-running emphasizes the ornamental performance, while parkour is the practicality of speed, which is combined with the flexibility of climbing like apes.While some consider it an art, enthusiasts prefer to see it as a lifestyle inspired by a youth subculture.Parkour is not only good for the body, it is also important for the mind.
Risk is everywhere, and there is no escape.But we can learn to properly control the risk and reduce it to a minimum.Parkour is a very dangerous sport, and all Traceur must be trained before taking part in the sport.Professional training means that the most important thing is not to practice, but to understand what the sport is about and what it is not about.Not for the sensationalist or eye-catching effect of a beautiful leap or jump from a great height, Parkour is not about running across rooftops or other death-defying stunts, and anyone who thinks so is completely misreading the nature of Parkour.