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2021 , The new trend for fitness is child fitness !

What is child fitness?

In a broad sense, the concept of children’s physical fitness refers to the physical ability of children’s body to adapt to daily life, recreation and sports, and to cope with the impact and load of daily life and the body safely and effectively in the face of emergencies and emergencies.

First, we focus on the health level of children, and make comprehensive evaluation from the special individual of children combined with the following elements
(1) Good physical development: Height and weight were taken as the main assessment.
(2) Good disease resistance: with the improvement of people’s living standard and the improvement of medical and health conditions, children in our country have become more and more popular
Infectious diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea have been greatly reduced, and the child mortality rate has been reduced by more than half compared with the past.
(3) Good mentality and social adaptability: children’s psychological quality and social adaptability, independent living ability and team spirit
And the group and so on to have the basic ability to adapt.
(4) Five senses: focus on vision, hearing and oral cavity.
(5) Intellectual development: normal intelligence development, coordinated movement, sensitive response, adaptive ability to meet the requirements of the age group.

The second is to pay attention to all ages, especially infants and young children’s major motor, visual – fine motor, and even language acceptance and
Milestones of expression development.
Children should pay attention to the healthy development of physique, nutrition, intelligence, language and skills, and start from the perspective of sports skills
(1) Infants should focus on the development time of gross muscle movements, such as prone, head up, turning over, sitting and standing, crawling, walking and other symbolic movements.
(2) Early childhood focuses on the development of fine movements and the mastery of movement patterns;
(3) Preschoolers focus on the mastery and training of motor skills;
(4) School-age children focus on the mastery and training of basic motor skills and special motor skills;
From the school age stage, physical qualities such as speed, dexterity, flexibility, strength and endurance will gradually develop sensitivity
The development stage of sensory period, timely and scientific development of these physical qualities, is also an important part of the healthy growth of children
In short, the concept of children’s physical fitness refers to the healthy growth and development of children in physique, cognition, language, skills and emotion
On the basis of matching and developing the corresponding movement ability and physical quality in different stages of development, so that children have the energy and ability to adapt to daily life and deal with emergencies.

Child fitness is a totally new and trend in china fitness filed , it wil be much more popular and are accepted by china parents. This market will be big potential in 3-5 years .

Would you like my point and welcome you give your ideal about it.