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China future new trend sports curling sports.

Land curling is a simple version of curling in the winter Olympics (it has been included in the official competition of the national games). It is a competitive sport that requires little exercise, throwing, team work, strategy and technology. The land curling movement, only needs the level ground to do the competition, has greatly reduced this movement item to try the threshold and the popularization difficulty.
1.The rules, tactics and some techniques of land curling are similar to those of traditional curling. 2 Land curling is an important auxiliary training method to fill the non-ice period in summer. It is especially effective in action memory, tactical coordination, simulated ice wiping and other aspects, which can enrich the fun of training and improve the attention of athletes on the field.
  1. The installation and disassembly of land curling facilities are simple and movable, which can partly alleviate the shortage of professional curling rinks.,
  2. The main component of the “ice path” of the land curling is the polymer synthetic ice plate, which can slide on the surface by sprinkling the special lubrication enhancer on it. Besides the regular spraying of lubrication enhancer, the other maintenance only needs once a year.

Dry land curling

1. Entertainment: business center, fitness club, entertainment venues, etc 2. Fitness club: apartment for the aged, community activities 3. Collective unit: school training ground, unit activity place 4. Other private apartments Dry land curling will be new and great sports game in china . i am very interested in it . Would you like it ?