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Fragmentation Management: How to Fragmentation Fitness?

Exercise can directly increase the length and quality of our lives, but we invest so little time in it that “no time” becomes an all-purpose shield.

In fact, the fitness thing does not need so much time, neither do you need to seriously go to the gym to send money to get a card, nor do you need to run for half an hour, those sound very scientific very high things are often the most difficult to adhere to, you do not have to force yourself to torture yourself.With the right approach, just a fraction of the time and minimal effort, you can meet your daily fitness standards and have a lot of fun.

My student Ye Dan was in good shape when he was a student, but soon after he went to work, he began to gain weight. He had a fat body and a round face. When he looked at himself in the mirror every day, he really wanted to cut off the flesh from his stomach and legs.

During the day to sit in front of the desk is a day, dizzy, after work and very tired, occasionally on the weekend activities and friends play badminton bar, but also make all over the pain.Ye Dan thought: “If things go on like this, I’m bound to die suddenly one day. I’ve got to get moving.”Therefore, Ye Dan went to the gym and applied for a card. However, the pain all over his body which had been trained by the coach on the first day was so painful that he could not move. After that, he was not interested in going to the gym for several times.No system, no rules, no effect at all, it was a waste of time, it was better to go home and lie down for a while. After several times, Ye Dan stopped going to the gym.

However, my body was getting worse and worse, with neck pain, shoulder pain and waist pain. There were no major ailments, but there were quite a few chronic diseases. Ye Dan knew that I had helped many people to optimize their schedules, so he came to me for help, hoping to squeeze out time for fitness.

I told Ye Dan that her condition was very common, and that it was not because she was not doing well. Even I couldn’t keep going to the gym and running.I swim once a week and already feel good about myself.

When it comes to working out, people tend to think that you need blocks of time, hours of practice to get results, and that you have to push yourself to the limit to get results. Absolutely wrong!You now immediately stand up, stand up straight, straighten your hands up to heaven, look up at the ceiling, feel the neck, shoulder and belly stretch feeling, stay for 30 seconds, this is fitness, dry will have an effect, neck and shoulder must be a warm current.Running has the effect of running, you now do ten squats must have ten squats effect.

I am often asked by my fans, “What is the most scientific way to exercise?””Or” What is the most scientific time of day to exercise?”Both questions are the same, and the answer is “whichever is easiest to stick to”.Go to the gym to shoot tens of thousands of dollars and then go to the gym every other day according to the instructions of the coach, one and a half hours each time, perhaps the most scientific, most people can not do it at all;Getting up at 5:30 a.m. for a morning run may be the most scientific, but most people can’t even get up.Fitness is something that can only be sustained, and persistence is more important than the thing you’re sticking to.

What fitness activities do you think are more likely to be adhered to?Is it to set aside an hour a day for exercise?Do you run to the gym and pay?We are only willing to lift our buttocks to do things that require less time and effort.It’s best to do it in two or three minutes, preferably anywhere.To get fit, you should start with these principles.

It is really useful and good method to make good use of your precious time .